Tricia Guild’s advice for decorating with florals

The Designers Guild founder knows a thing or two about decorating with florals. It’s the subject of her latest book ‘Moody Blooms’. Here, she tells us why there’s power in flowers

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James Merrell

I have always been inspired by nature in all its forms. The energy that flowers, buds and plants can bring to us is profound and vital, and also deeply rewarding. Their beauty truly fascinates me and permeates so much of my work. From the tiniest speck of a seed or an unassuming gnarled tuber comes forth such magical loveliness and soul – it never fails to touch my heart.

A great deal of care and consideration goes into making a space beautiful. The patterns, colours, textures, furniture and furnishings are all chosen to create a particular atmosphere – a feeling that evokes a distinctive energy. Yet, no matter how important those decisions are, they are only part of the story. The structure. The beginning. Just as the perfect outfit never feels complete without a spritz of scent or a piece of jewellery, a room without flowers, leaves or plants is only nearly perfect.

tricia guild designers guid moody blooms book
The statement curtain is the ‘Bamboo Trellis’ fabric in ‘Acacia’, £88 per m, and the planters are available at Designers Guild
James Merrell

The process of choosing the right flowers or leaves for a particular interior can be meditative and enhancing. I’m not referring to those extravagant arrangements of exotic blooms, forced into different shapes and tightly packed in vases to create an excessive show – or ordering a monthly subscription of the same flowers to tick a box.

No, I refer to an altogether more considered exercise: one that has a soul and feeling, and promotes the energy of the spaces we live in; a choice that reflects the seasons and your own feelings; a careful and contemplative selection of stems and leaves that adds to a room’s existing beauty, breathing life into our surroundings; one that is no less extravagant in its gifts as a result.

tricia guild designers guid moody blooms book
Tricia Guild, founder and creative director of Designers Guild, photographed in front of ‘Porcelaine de Chine’ wallpaper in ‘Porcelain’, £89 per 10m roll, by Designers Guild (
James Merrell

Choosing flowers that work in a particular room is a joyful endeavour. Really looking at the colour, shape and form of each stem and how it will complement the decoration therein is step one. But flowers are more than mere accessories – they’re living symbols of beauty. Each bloom embodies a different spirit that conjures up its own unique magic. ‘Moody Blooms’ by Tricia Guild is on sale now, £35, ACC Art Books,

tricia guild designers guild moody blooms book
The vibrant ‘Savoie’ linen curtain, £228 per m, Designers Guild
James Merrell20th Century Studios

Tricia Guild’s tips for using blooms in your home

The Designers Guild founder shares her advice for decorating with florals

It can be easy to overlook certain spaces at home when it comes to styling and decorating with flowers. It is all too simple to create something eye-catching and wonderful in a lounge or dining area, but the idea is to bring one’s whole home to life rather than just a few rooms.

    Green is nature’s neutral. There are times when the vivid freshness of green leaves is all that is needed to brighten up a space. Try combining rose-scented geranium leaves and woodland ferns in vases with a few trailing grasses.

    The choice of containers is every bit as important as the flowers you choose. Clear glass is a classic, but why not add an element of surprise with a coloured glass or ceramic vase.

    A sculptural flower can add to the feeling of modernity in a room, underlining the graphic qualities of the space. Belladonna-lilies or Didiscus caeruleus ‘Blue Lace’ are good options.

    Just a single stem used carefully can create a lyrical stillness in a space. Equally, a mass of the same flower offers a note of exuberance and generosity.

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