Decorating with Teal Blue

This rich enveloping shade embodies depth and warmth; perfect qualities for any home

Living room with teal wall, sofa, daybed and accessories
Christian Schaulin

A deep teal blue is our expert pick for the colour of the year 2017. Why? Because it embodies depth alongside warmth; cool with calm; it’s cosily enveloping, yet never overwhelming. Perfect qualities for any home. As well as having many shades, and uses, from darker, grey-toned moody hues to the Lapis Lazuli blue brights end of the spectrum.

1 Perfect coordination. There are few colours that you can use throughout a whole scheme and not feel utterly overwhelmed, teal is one of those. With such a breadth of tones it can cheerfully be employed from upholstery to prints, underfoot as rugs and on the walls as the backdrop to the lot.

Living room with teal wall, sofa, daybed and accessories
This home was first featured in the April 2016 Decorating edition of ELLE Decoration.
Christian Schaulin

2 Strong but never shouty. Teal is a strong colour, but being from the blue family of shades it is a rare combination of strength and quietness in one. Used in this kitchen on the lower units, it really anchors the scheme, and adds that requisite touch of individuality, without taking over.

IKEA kitchen units painted teal
IKEA Metod units pimped by the homeowner, interior designer Cecilie Claussen, with a little help from Superfront, the Swedish company which offers a wider range of colours and finishes than the superstore, but all purpose-made to fit IKEA cupboards.
Niklas Hart

3 A warm adjunct to navy. Many blues can be rather cold, albeit they are the nation’s favourite shade. But from midnight navy to denim hues, add in a pop of teal and the whole will be lifted.

Teal bedroom
Be inspired by the colours of the witching our, from midnight blue to navy via teal. First featured in the November 2016 “Bedrooms Special” edition of ELLE Decoration.
Photography Beth Evans, Styling: Sania Pell

4 Perfect accent colour. Even a single accessory in this wonderful shade can add a burst of life to any space, from living rooms to bedrooms.

Teal buttoned ottoman
‘Dezra’ footstool, in teal blue velvet, £499, Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer

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